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by a Fully Qualified Government Approved Driving Instructor

High Quality & Calm Tuition from your local

Located in West Bridgford - Nottingham, our driving school - number8driving - offers you the best possible experience, with you and your needs at the centre of everything we do. This allows us to teach you the gift, joy and independence of driving via calm, professional, high quality tuition using the best resources, and most importantly, with plenty of support, patience and compassion, with you always at the centre. 

We can offer a therapeutic approach to lessons that can help all students, of all ages, overcome many barriers to learning, anxieties, and worries giving you the reassurance to start you on the journey of becoming a calm, confident, safe driver, for the rest of your life. See more about what makes us different below. 

"Get in touch with me today to start your journey, 
I know that, with the right instructor... you can do it!"

What makes us different...

"As an independent Driving School, we hope our reputation precedes us... we treat all our students with respect and understanding. We take the time to understand how you learn most effectively, and we are invested in getting you through your journey as soon as we can - we work hard to help you succeed." Mike Allsopp ADI

Here are a quite few reason why we are loved so much by our students, and their parents... see below some of what we do, that others don't and links to part of our site - if you want to read more!

Regular Progress Reviews

Together we honesty review your progress & plan

Theory Test Support

Support ALL WEEK not just in Lesson Time!

Students LOVE our App!

Modern Easy To Drive Car

Support ALL WEEK not just in Lesson Time!

Support, Care & Compassion

I take your success very seriously, and always go 'above and beyond' to ensure you become a safe, confident driver, for life. "I am so proud of every student, especially when you give me the privilege of helping you take this big step in life, and I appreciate the trust you place in me."  Mike Allsopp ADI


Get in touch today and find out my availability!

Together, we can do this!

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