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What we do for you

We can provide you with conscientious, honest, reliable driving instruction, whoever you are, whatever your needs are. Our website is not aimed at getting as many students as possible, we like to keep our students happy, so just like our lessons, this website is focused upon what many of students need : the reassurance we are the right 'fit' for YOU.


Many pupils like (or sometimes need) lots of information to be happy and comfortable with what is involved, or may need to get to know us, and our ethos, before they can get in touch. Some students just need reassurance that we can genuinely help them succeed, after they have struggled elsewhere, or become disillusioned.


You can trust us, we will make it our mission to help you achieve your goals - we are professional, well organised, love our attention to detail, and when we say we are going to do something, it gets done! - no false promises, B.S, or ignoring you when the going gets tough - unlike many other schools and instructors. 


Whether you like lots of detail, or would prefer not to get too involved before you need to, that is fine, but please read this part of my site before you get in touch with me, so that you know what we do offer... and some of what we don't...

We only offer high quality professional coaching

We provide good value, quality, professional tuition, and we go the extra mile to help you succeedWhile it may be tempting to opt for 'cheap' driving lessons, they can invariably result in costing a lot more long-term - Read more about Cost Effective Tuition. 


We have a lot of very satisfied pupils and parent, both current and historic, who recommend us, just look at our honest Reviews. As an owner operated driving school, our reputation is very important, and unlike many of the national schools, we am genuinely invested in getting you passed as soon as we agree you are ready.


"I like to help others, my aim is to have a pass rate % much higher than the national average, and to achieve that in the most cost effective way for you, and how you learn best. I have many different ways of teaching you to drive smoothly and safely, even if you are struggling in one particular area." Mike Allsopp ADI

One, Two, Three Lessons a week, or more

We highly recommend at least one lesson a week. If you have passed your theory test, and want to fast track your learning to meet a test deadline, we can offer more lessons a week. During certain times of the year we can offer more intensive courses, learning over a few weeks rather than a few months. Whatever your time frame, whatever your budget and ambition - we can help! Our most successful students have started with an intensive course, and then finessed their skills before a final intense week or so before test. Our shortest period is 6 weeks of multiple lessons, our average pass time is around 20 weeks of single 2 hour lessons. 

Register with us ASAP

Demand for high quality tuition is nationally very high, as more parents want the very best training for their children, and want them to become the safest drivers possible. You may need to register with us several weeks or months before you are ready to start learning - please get in touch with us nice and early to avoid any disappointment, especially for our popular 17th Birthday lessons.


You can Text, WhatsApp us, or DM us on facebook, and we will do what we can to accommodate you, we promise to get back in touch quickly to find out your lesson time availability, experience, needs etc and let you know our estimated waiting time for the days and times you are free. We will get in touch again - as soon as we know when we have availability coming up, and get you booked in for a calm, fun first lesson. With all our driving test successes, we have gaps coming up all the time! 

We manage all students tests, which can be taken in our car, when we both agree that you are ready 

Through the DVSA Government website, we book and manage all our students driving tests, taking the pressure off students and ensuring that when we agree that you are ready for your test, a frustrating additional 5 month+ (at least 20 weeks) wait for a test booking is unlikely to be an issue, as we always hope to have some tests in the pipeline.


We can help you with any pre-test nerves, and we do a number of mock-tests to make sure you know exactly what to expect. My goal is to make your test as prepared as possible and as relaxed as you can be (although we do acknowledge from the start of your lessons that the test will be a nervous experience), nothing will be a surprise. 

We help you pass your theory test as soon as possible - even before your first lesson, if you have time!

Until you have passed your theory test, the practical driving test cannot be booked. Currently there is at least a 20+ week wait for planned pre-booked driving tests, so you must get on with your theory work as soon as you can (there is nothing worse than being ready for test, but needing to wait for one) - Theory knowledge is essential in your driving training, and driving will help you expand your theory knowledge, so it's a win, win! 

We provide open source training resources from DVSA, we can help you understand the Hazard Perception test and teach techniques for better scoring, we can also quiz you on knowledge as we drive, putting into practice the theory you have read about.

See your lessons, progress and feedback on our phone App

Through our free mobile phone app, you can see your upcoming lessons, and availability of extra lessons, plus conveniently pay for them via Apple Pay, Google Pay or card. I also provide written notes after each lesson covering any important theory that you might not have fully understood or during the lesson. In addition, I also complete a summary of each lesson, with what our lessons aim was, what went well, what needs work on and what we will do next lesson, plus any practice guidance for driving in between lessons. You also have access to your progress chart that I complete as your skills progress, so you can see where you are needing more experience, plus access to more learning resources.


"Our lesson content is rich and diverse. We can cover many subjects as they happen on the road, so my notes that I have written, from countless of hours of tuition, are a great way to remind you of what we learnt today, and the theory behind the learning."

Lessons & Times

All lessons are 2 hours. This allows for more than twice the amount of actual 'driving time' that 1 hour lessons offer, as well as plenty of time for feedback and evaluating your skills and progress. My lessons are always relaxed, informative and positive, I always aim to provide a lesson that gives you what you need from it, while also having a little light hearted fun on the way.


"We always aim to offer you a regular time and day each week - you can choose to take as many lessons as you need each week*" Mike Allsopp ADI

(All lessons are pick up and drop off from your home or local work / college address within my catchment. All students pay one lesson in advance. You pay for your next lesson before each lesson, through our 'Total Drive' app that we provide you Free Of Charge. FYI - If you cancel within 48 working hours of a pre-booked lesson, it will normally be non-refundable.) *Subject to availability - must be booked in advance.

There is only 1 thing we don't offer.... lessons just a short time before your pre-booked driving test.

We have heard loads of (sometimes strange) reasons why someone might need an instructor just to take them to their driving test, or 'I have my test next week, and I'm looking for a couple of lessons and an instructor to take me'... we are not prepared to take anyone for a test who we have not trained, assessed, and therefore unable to vouch that they are ready to pass - our reputation is very important to us and our students.


We are happy though, to offer a series of refresher lessons; to assess your ability, fill in the gaps of knowledge over a number of lessons, perform mocks tests and then set a date, using cancellations, when you are ready! - so if this sounds like you, please get in touch - we love helping you get to test with the best possible preparation. 

"BTW: If you just need a dual control car for a test, you might not know, but you can hire them - just use Google 'Dual Control Car Hire' - they cost around £60 for 3 hours. Just remember to research what you need to take to test using your own vehicle - again, Google is your friend."  Mike Allsopp ADI

 Finally, are YOU ready? 

There are a few things you need to do before we can help you start your journey:


1. First of all, you need to be a UK Provisional Licence holder before we can have your first lesson. You can start to learn as long as you are, or older than, 17 years of age (If you personally qualify for Personal Independence Payments you can start learning at 16). You need to bring your provisional license with you, for your first lesson we have together, and your test.

FYI - You can apply for your provisional licence at 15 years and 9 months old, and it costs £34 - click here.

2. We like you to have begun your journey learning the basics for your Theory Test, before your first lesson. The theory knowledge you gain works hand in hand with your lessons, and helps your progress significantly. It reduces the number of early lessons you need - saving you money! I can help with resources for theory training, just ask!

3. The only other things we will you ask for is your honesty, and a commitment to feedback, self-evaluation and learning. Any worries, barriers or concerns you have can be talked over anytime, or in your optional induction chat which we can have before our first lesson. This helps me understand you, and your goals, and make sure I can provide the quality tuition you deserve. 

If you still want to know more about me, my reviews, the car and lot's more, keep exploring this website and visit my socials. I'm always sharing helpful tips, students success stories, and advice to help you on the way to become ready to pass!

Don't delay... 

Get in touch today. 

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