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Driving Lessons for everyone
(whoever you are, whatever your reason)

We instruct anyone who wants to learn to drive or improve or refresh their abilities. The reasons can be varied, from gaining more independence, to refreshing your skills, to obtaining more road confidence, or even to improve the economical and environmental cost of your driving.


"My students are of all ages, experience, backgrounds, identities and ethnicities, some with various issues - it doesn't matter where you come from (or where you are going), everyone is welcome!"  Mike Allsopp ADI

Below are 8 great reasons to take driving lessons. Regardless of how or why you want to get on the road, I can help you achieve your goals - safely, economically and confidently with quality, patient tuition! Our stylish, modern car is the perfect environment to learn, giving you the confidence to drive respectfully and safely for the rest of your life.

We offer great quality, professional instruction, tuition and coaching to suit your individual needs. We only provide quality coaching, so we know we won't be the cheapest hourly rate instructor you can find out there (don't be fooled by the 'X lessons for Y' offers - they are not all that they seem), but with my focus on providing quality in everything I do, my students always agree that I offer fantastic value for money, you won't be disappointed.

Whatever your reason, let's make it happen!

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 8 great reasons to take driving lessons

1. New Learners

of any age

Whatever your age, I can teach you to drive. I adapt my methods to suit your learning style, and together we can get you driving safely and confidently on the road. Even if you have anxieties that have previously held you back. 

3. New Instructor =

A New Approach

If you are unhappy, frustrated, not making progress with your existing instructor, or you may not be a very 'good fit' together. I can help you move on, develop and help you achieve your goals.

5. Adapt to

UK Roads

If you have come from overseas and are already eligible to drive on the UK roads, you may need some help in working out some of the quirks on the UK road system such as our roundabouts and junctions.

7. Pass Plus


I am a registered Pass Plus Instructor, I can help you master; situations not covered in your test, drive safely in different weather conditions, driving at night, motorway driving and general driving finesse.

2. Refresher


Been to University since you passed your test? Had a break from driving and want to get back on the road? I want to help! I can work with you to refresh your knowledge and make sure you are confident and safe. 

4. Confidence


Had a bad experience? Been the victim of a road rage incident? Maybe you have just lost your confidence in certain situations? I would love to help you get back on the road with the new found confidence I can bring.

6. Environment &

Fuel Efficiency

Filling up your car is one of the biggest expenses of driving, and we need to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I can help you save a lot of fuel and therefore a lot of money with some new economic driving skills.  

8. Be a safer driver & protect those you love

You may have picked up bad habits, driving too quickly or putting yourself and your passengers in danger. I can help you be more aware, and become a safer driver using defensive techniques. Popular with new parents!

We offer support and guidance throughout your first years of driving, once you are a number 8 student you have access to your instructor for as long as you need (especially after the driving test), and we offer free annual catch-ups, if you want them. We can even pop and see you (again free of charge) when you get your first car to make sure you are comfortable with the new controls, In addition, we offer extra lesson if you feel you need them, such as motorway driving and longer distance rural roads, or a polish up on some skills you might have forgotten or need reminding of during the time that has passed since you pass the test to picking up your new car. 

Driving Support for Life

We really enjoy giving 17th birthday lessons - a really nice gift for any teenager wanting a lovely, memorable birthday surprise. Our instructor drives to a quiet safe area to allow the pupil to experience driving for the first time. They learn the basics of how the car works, what the pedals do, how to steer with control, and how to speed the car up and slow it down using a few different methods. All this is before we go on the roads, allowing our students to feel comfortable and confident before getting near other road users. 

Driving Lessons for 17th Birthdays

A 17th birthday is one of the biggest milestones in a teenagers life, it is acknowledgement that they are ready to start training to drive. The independence and freedom passing the driving test, and owning a car can bring, will often transform a teenager into a more balanced, rounded mature and responsible adult (sorry, no guarantees). We teach the responsibility of, and consequences of, driving throughout our lessons - we acknowledge that we are driving a machine that can potentially kill, and we talk about the regrets and guilt that will stay with you a lifetime, if you make poor decisions. We also promote courtesy, kindness and the gift of priority, we teach self evaluation and how our students can keep learning after their test. As mentors and teachers to young adults we understand the needs of both parents and our pupils. Your young adult could not be in better hands. 

Driving Lessons for 17 Year Olds

A great time to learn to drive, as it gives your rest bite from your course, and another feather in your cap for your C.V. As you get ready to start the next chapter in your life, driving can be an essential skill that will open up new job opportunities and freedom's that will become so important to you. Driving will also enable you to explore not only our beautiful country, but holiday destinations around the world. It can also enable you to make new friendships and experiences, it's a skill that readies you for adult life. We have many University Students take lessons with us, from both University of Nottingham, and Nottingham Trent University (NTU). We can flex your lessons so that you can take breaks during busy times for assignments or assessment periods. Again, we have experience of our adult children going to University and understand the pressures it can bring - we can help support you in any way you need. 

Driving Lessons for University Students

For whatever reason you have put off driving, be it not getting around to it, or simply not needing to, we can help getting you on the road. We have many students who have waited until their late twenties, thirties, forties or older before wanting, or needing to, drive. We can really help with getting you comfortable with taking that big step, and help coach you through the process. We know all about learning new skills at a later age, and we have been through many tough experiences that have pushed us and made us happier, more rounded people. So, whatever your age, we can help you achieve your goals. 

Driving Lessons for Adults

Maybe you need a new licence, and need to take your test again, or maybe its been a number of years since you last drove and need refresher lessons - we can help. We even provide lessons for new parents who want to become safer drivers and cut out bad habits - we can help you whatever your need is. Talk to us and see if we can help, I'm sure we can!

Driving Lessons for Any Reason

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